Happy 8 months Hazel Wren!

Our little Hazel Wren turned 8 months old October 23rd. She gets more fun by the minute. Here’s a little update on the little birdie.

*Crawling. She is on the move!
*Sits and thumps her feet to turn herself in circles. Just another way to get around. ;)
*Pulls herself up on furniture to standing position.
*Says Mama and Dada.
*Loves toys. Blocks. Dishes. Play food. Baby dolls. Stuffed animals. Books…..just some among her favorites.
*Loves trying new food. Her recent favorites are: Pesto noodles. Turkey. Mangos. Apples. Peas. Any and every kind of cheese.
*Loves music.
*Adores being “out and about” and talking with all the ncie people at the stores in town.
*BEAMS when her Poppa comes home each day from work.
*Crazy for bathtime.
*Loves to play in the kitchen and bang dishes while I cook.

She is the happiest baby I know….of course I’m partial to her since she’s mine. I am so proud to be her Mommy and so lucky to be apart of her life each and every day. I haven’t missed a thing so far and I don’t intend to. I’ve been there for her first cry at the hospital, her first giggle, her first words…it’s been amazing & I feel so grateful to have been there for every moment. We look forward to the approaching holiday season with this little bundle of laugher and sunshine.

Love you little bird,

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Busy Wednesday…..

It was a BEATUTIFUL fall day today. Got actually a bit hot but otherwise gorgeous! Fall is my absolute favorite season. Today Hazel and I had our usual morning routine. Wake up about 7:00 am. Sing songs. Eat breakfast. Get dressed. Play with toys. Momma checks emails/does laundry. Nap. Then we headed downtown around 11:00 am and hit up the Wise Penny thrift store where we found a pumpkin bib, some halloween board books, a vintage witch hat for Mommy, and some warm fuzzy Pj’s for Hazel. We hit a few more stores downtown and then went to Hanisch Bakery for lunch with my BF Meadow. We were sad that little Nora wasn’t along but we understood that she was napping. And you never wake a sleeping baby if you don’t have to. ;) We had some great chit chat and gossip with Meadow over a yummy lunch. Meadow bought Hazel a cookie. Now their best buds too. Then Hazel and I came home and did some crafts, cleaning, playing, and then went outside with Ruby and Hazel swang and we played catch with the pooch. What a great fall day!

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TO DO: Fall

I am drinking my black coffee this morning, looking on pinterest, and blogs I follow and everyone seems to be doing their fall to-do lists. I am a huge list maker. I will sit and make pages and pages of lists of things to-do, things to buy, crafts to make, etc. and sometimes never even look back at the list again because it gets lost in the pile of lists. Maybe if I put my to-do’s on my blog then they will all get finished. ;)

The Bird’s Nest Fall To-Do’s

*Bake something “fallish”. We have already made 2 pans of apple crisp with apples from my Grandpa’s farm. yummo. I’d like to now make something with pumpkin.
*Take Hazel’s pictures in her Halloween costumes and mail out to family and friends. She has like 4 or 5 costumes that I found on garages sales and thrift stores this summer. It will be a fun afternoon of costume changes. She’ll love it!
*Go for a drive to look at leaves as a family. Yup…Ruby the dog too.
*Attend the Red Wing Art Festival with my Mom & Hazel.
*We have already put out most of our fall decor so now we need to start incorporating our Halloween starting this Saturday, October 1st! I’m totally into “vintage” Halloween this year.
*Hazel has a mini Halloween tree in her room and we need to find/make some cute little decorations for it.
*Get my sewing machine set up downstairs in my new art/craft room! Things to sew this FAll include: Felt play food for Hazel. Christmas stocking for Hazel. Huge quilt out of all Hazel’s outgrown baby clothes.
*Take old t-shirts and sew on fall leaves with found fabric. Like the above picture! Love!!
*Rake leaves. Jump in leaves.
*We already went to the pumpkin patch near Pepin Wisconsin. Hazel LOVED it! I set her on a pile of gourds and she she picked out her fav’s.
*Cook lots of Hotdishes.
*Start attending baby storyhour at the Library.
*Go to the Senior Center and shop at their little craft store. Maybe buy some homemade crafts, homemade cookie dough….
*Make more of my “junk” jewelry to put on Etsy. Wren Gypsy. She’s the Wren, I’m the gypsy. ;)

I think that’s enough for now. I’m already in my mind starting my list for November. Thanksgiving, homemade thanksgiving bib for Hazel, Holiday Stroll, cutting down our christmas tree…………

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Happy 7 months Hazel Wren!

I know a girl who puts the COLOR inside my world. Happy 7 months Hazel Wren!

Hazel turned 7 months old this past Friday. She is the sunshine of our lives. Here’s a little update on the little gal.

*17 pounds. 27″ tall.
*LOVES food. This gal is a little foodie! I make all her baby food myself and she hasn’t turned down a dish as of yet. Her favorites are:
-Chicken coconut casserole
-Vegtable & bean casserole
-Any and EVERY kind of cheese.
-PLUMS. She is wild for them.
-Cottage Cheese.
-Whole wheat toast. Plain.
-Noodles with tomato sauce.
*Sits completely on her own.
*Loves to pull herself up on furniture.
*Loves to talk. Only words we can make out so far are MaMa. ;)
*Absolutely adores being out shopping with Mommy and talking to people.
*Loves animals.
*CRAZY for Elizabeth Mitchell CD “You are my little bird”. Her and I listen to it in her room after she gets dressed and we know all the words and she loves when I switch out the names for her name. She claps along and laughs.
*Claps her hands.
*Loves to snuggle with Ruby and while Jack the cat isn’t quite sure of her yet because she rips his hair out (he just looks at her and walks away when she does…pretty funny) she loves when he sits in the chair in her room.
*Obsessed with books. Little books. Big books. Story books. Picture books. She loves to sit in our laps now and really follows along with the story and claps. I have loaded up on books at garage sales and thrift stores. Nice when the books are only 50 cents. She can then go wild and chew them, bite them, tear them. ;)
*Loves to swing in the teddy bear swing that Grandpa Kevin hung in our tree for her.

She is just all around a happy girl. My husband always asks….”are all babies this happy??” I’m not sure I guess but when she comes along with us to decorate a wedding and is wildly clapping, giggling, and laughing while Mommy sets up flowers…I’d say…she’s probably one of the Happiest Babies on the Block. ;)

Love you little bird. -Momma

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House ReFreshed

We finished the painting of the entire house last week minus a few touch ups. This house had not been painted in over 30 years. umm….WOW. We took off all the old siding because it was rotten and had huge holes from woodpeckers in alot of spots. We put on new wood siding and painted it and VOILA! Refreshed house! Next year we will take out the broken cement front steps and side walk. We are going to do a low deck out of reclaimed wood from our old garage and then a old stone walkway. There’s no place like home!



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Just call us the Junkin’ Gypsies

We used to call ourselves the Junkin’ Queens but now I think we are the Junkin’ Gypsies. ;) Sounds much more fitting. I’m talking about my Mom and I of course & now little Miss Hazel Wren too. Her little junkin’ gypsy side sparkled yesterday at the Junk Bonanza at Cantebury Park. I carried her around all day in her baby bjorn and she was all smiles, little legs kickin’, talking to all the other junkers, and clapping her hands. Yup…….it’s official…she loves junk too. Hey, it’s in her blood, right? I think you are born into loving what your family does….well some people anyhow. And we love anything vintage, gypsy, old, rustic, rusty, reclaimed, artistic……….

We hit the Junk Bonanza yesterday with our boots on and Grandpa Glenn in tow. We were there for over 4 hours and let me tell you I woke up this morning with sore feet but that feeling you have as a little kid where you go to the amusement park and the next day you still feel like you are riding the rollercoaster when you close your eyes. I feel renewed, refreshed…a new sense of knowing who I am. I am a Junk Gypsy. I will never enter a Target store again in my life.

Walking around yesterday at the “bonanza” I felt I had found my “mecca”, my people, my kind. All the other women wearing their boots, their jeans, their jean jackets, their receyled jewelry…..I was in heaven. People set up at this from all over the country and they come from all over the country to dig through and hunt “junk”. It’s the hunt that’s the thrill and if you don’t feel the thrill, the buzz, the complete takeover of excitement when you first walk through the doors at something like this or any garage sale, flea market, or thrift store, then you my lady are not a Junk Gypsy.

My Mom was walking around making her little list of ideas. I arrived home at 9:00 pm last night, put baby to bed, and went straight to my basement where Ryan’s Grandpas work bench still sits with all his rusty goodies. I made myself a little jar of old keys and a big jar of all little old rusty bits. Immeadiately took pic’s & sent them to the head Gypsy, my Mom. She was super jealous of course so I told her to bring over a jar and I will make her one too.

It’s so funny and true how sometimes you have to travel the world, search high and low, to find out that “right back where you started from is right where you belong”.

I belong with the junkin’ gypsies after all.

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Gypsy style

I was sitting on www.pinterest.com tonight and came across this picture.

It made me think of a story my Mom has told me a few times. She had come home from school one evening and had some sort of paper to write or some school project where she had to tell the teacher and class what “style” her home was decorated in. She went home and asked her Mom, my Grandma Tweeds. I can picture it so well and it makes me smile. My Mom with her white blonde hair standing in the kitchen. My Grandma standing at the sink washing dishes with the dishtowel over her shoulder, standing on one leg like a flamingo….she looked around her little kitchen & gazed into her living room and said matter-of-factly “I guess I’d say our style is Gypsy”. ;) My Mom of course being proabably under the age of 10 didn’t know what the heck that meant but she probably wasn’t really into decorating at the time to care. hehehe. Gypsy=You find a little of this here, you find a little of that there, you pick up some things on your travels, you get things from dead realtives…and you make it all look cute…ECLECTIC. Tweeds you were right, I look at the below link and I love every gypsy decoration that I see. It looks to me like home. Miss you Grandma & your humor. You were a woman after my own heart and I’m proud to be like you. I was driving around in my mini van the other day, sweet Hazel in the back seat, singing along to some folk tunes for babies, hitting garage sales and I thought I better hit up the craft store and knit myself a dang pillow that says “I am my Mother’s Daughter”.;) Now, if you were only here to teach me to knit…guess I’ll have to wing it..gypsy style.


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Rainy day….let’s cook!

Sometimes it’s nice to have a rainy day. Not much else to do but stay at home, put on 89.3 “The Current” (radio station), and cook all day with your baby girl. Hazel and I hit the grocery store this morning and got our weekly groceries as well as a few items to make some new baby food recipes for Hazel and our groceries for Hayward. We are leaving for Hayward this Friday and I like to plan the menu ahead of time so we don’t end up last minute up there just buying bags of chips and brats. boring. ;) So I premade some sesame & veggie cold noodle asian salad for lunch & I also wrote out our menu for the weekend. French toast, quiche, italian pot roast, fresh salad, hummus & fresh veggies…….. Tomorrow or Thursday we’ll make all our snacks like rice crispie treats and honey bran muffins. yummo!

Hazel loves to be in the kitchen with me. She sits in her high chair & watches me cook and plays with her baby cooking utensils. ;)

She looks pretty relaxed, huh? ;)

I also made Hazel some tomato-chicken casserole out of our DK organic baby food book. I made a big batch and froze it in single-serving sizes & it will last the next 3-4 weeks. She tried it out this evening for dinner & she LOVED it! I tried a little of course too and it was really yummy.

What should we cook tomorrow? Breakfast…..warm oatmeal with bananas & apricots. Milk for Hazel to drink. Black coffee for Momma. ;)

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We are coming along nicely on the outside house projects! The new wood siding is all on as well as the shakes that we decided to put in the 3 “peaks”. It looks so great even though right now it’s just the primed siding but hey…it’s better than that old red color we stared at for over 7 years while we revamped the inside of the house. ;)

Ryan took off work all next week and he is going to paint the house. We already have most of the trim done. I’m so excited to see the finished product!

We tore down the two tin sheds that were in our back yard. Then in the next 2 weeks we will be tearing off the “lean-to” on the garage. Then pooring the cement in the way backyard for the new garage. Then building the new garage. Then tearing down the old garage. Then next spring siding and painting the new garage. Then planting our HUGE fenced in garden we have plans for & a wood playhouse for Hazel. I’m tired just thinking about it but actually I live for this kind of stuff and really don’t know what we’ll do with our time when it’s all finished. Oh yea, we are gonna get a little fishin’ boat and hit the river with Hazel and the pooch every weekend that I don’t have weddings or in the afternoon after I deliver flowers and/or decorate. And I plan to start finding vintage or beat up furniture and cleaning it, or refurnishing, or painting it ….all depending what the piece needs and then reselling. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since high shool and now with the new garage and more ROOM….I’ll have space to store my stuff. Did I mention I LOVE STUFF. Old stuff. Some new stuff. Rusty stuff. Cool stuff. STUFF. ;) Gotta run…baby’s in bed and Momm’s gotta get on www.pinterest.com and find more stuff to do!

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Miss Hazel’s Menu.

Hazel is now a little over 6 months old and is loving the pureed baby food that I make her. Sweet potatoes, peas, apples, bananas, and watermelon are her favorites so far. Here’s a few recipes I found in my DK Organic Baby & Toddler Cookbook that I’m excited to make for my little foodie. This cookbook is so great for any new Mom looking to make her own baby food. It’s simple, easy to read, with bright fun photography of each and every recipe. I have other baby food books that are ridiculously complicated.

These are for babies that are 4 to 7 months old and are pureed, not super chunky.

*Potato and cheese dinner: 1 tsp olive oil. 1/2 onion chopped. 1 potato peeled and chopped. 2 tsp milk. 3 tbsp water. 1 tbsp grated cheddar cheese. Cook and simmer until potato is soft. puree. enjoy!

*Tomato and Chicken casserole: 1 tsp olive oil. 1 small onion, chopped. Pinch oregano. 1 small potato peeled and chopped. 2 tsp tomato puree. 1 tbsp great northern beans. 1 tbsp cooked chicken breast. 5 tbsp. water. Cook. puree. enjoy!

*Apricot hot cereal: 1/2 tsp oats. 2/3 cup water. 2 peeled fresh apricots. 1/2 tsp. golden raisins. Cook on stove. puree. enjoy!

These are all one serving recipees. ;)

It’s so easy and basically just adult food made with fresh ingredients, nothing canned, not salt and no added sugar. Cook, then puree!! Lasts in freezer up to 4 weeks. What a great afternoon project. ;) Come on little Miss Hazel…grab your apron!

On a side note…Hazel had her first mumblings of Momma today! I heard it this morning and then throughout the day it got more prounounced but I thought maybe I was hearing things. ;) But then when my husband got home tonight he heard it too, over & over while he secretly whispered “Poppa” “Da-Da” in her ear. ;)

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