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Busy Wednesday…..

It was a BEATUTIFUL fall day today. Got actually a bit hot but otherwise gorgeous! Fall is my absolute favorite season. Today Hazel and I had our usual morning routine. Wake up about 7:00 am. Sing songs. Eat breakfast. Get dressed. Play with toys. Momma checks emails/does laundry. Nap. Then we headed downtown around 11:00 [...]

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TO DO: Fall

I am drinking my black coffee this morning, looking on pinterest, and blogs I follow and everyone seems to be doing their fall to-do lists. I am a huge list maker. I will sit and make pages and pages of lists of things to-do, things to buy, crafts to make, etc. and sometimes never even [...]

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House ReFreshed

We finished the painting of the entire house last week minus a few touch ups. This house had not been painted in over 30 years. umm….WOW. We took off all the old siding because it was rotten and had huge holes from woodpeckers in alot of spots. We put on new wood siding and painted [...]

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Gypsy style

I was sitting on tonight and came across this picture. It made me think of a story my Mom has told me a few times. She had come home from school one evening and had some sort of paper to write or some school project where she had to tell the teacher and class [...]

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We are coming along nicely on the outside house projects! The new wood siding is all on as well as the shakes that we decided to put in the 3 “peaks”. It looks so great even though right now it’s just the primed siding but hey…it’s better than that old red color we stared at [...]

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Bedroom spring re-do!

I was feeling very “springy” this morning due to the sunshine & decided to add some spring color to our bedroom! I used a fresh grren color, my favorite, & a turquoise blue that reminds me of the ocean in Puerto Rico. ahhh…I can hear the waves. A couple of summer’s ago my Mom & [...]

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Fall must have

I have a small girl crush on Giada de Laurentiis. For those of you oldies who don’t know what a girl crush is here is the¬†urban dictionaries definition. Girl Crush: When a girl has a crush on another girl, but they don’t wanna date them. It’s more like they wanna be their best friend.¬† Simple [...]

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Nesting taken to the limit

I’ve always known that most women start to “nest” when they are pregnant. Most don’t kick into this mode until a few months in. For me it began right away and just gets more intense with each month that passes by. I will be laying in bed at night and think of another thing I [...]

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Outdoor redo

We have lived in our home for well over 5 years and it has needed a new roof and new siding the entire time. Actually I think it’s needed these things since like the early 90′s. hahaha. We have finally come to the stage in our remodling of doing the outside! No longer will the [...]

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House remodel

Here’s some new, fresh pictures of our little nest! We bought this house over 5 years ago. It was actually my husband’s grandparents house. I’m trying to find my pictures of how it all looked in the beginning! Just picture that the living room was all wallpapered in some old bitty design and there was [...]

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