Almost 2!

Hazel Wren will be 2 years old in 3 weeks! She has been helping me plan her birthday party and has some exact ideas of what her cake should look like and what the party should all entail. She reminds me daily. “Mommy….CAKE…Elmo, Snow white, Curious George, Kitty” She’s a girl who knows what she likes. ;) She is the sunshine of our lives and is really growing into such a curious and smart little gal. She can say so many words, phrases, and sentences now it’s too many to list. Some of our favorites:

*when she suddenly, without being asked….lists all the charters on Sesame Street…”Elmo, Abby, Murry, Cookie, big Bird”…her favorites.
*”Alright Mommy”
*”love you”
*”I got it”
*”I can do it”
*”Let’s Play!”
and many, many more.

She almost knows all her colors and is starting to learn her ABC’s. She has a vivid imagination and a wide range of interests which include:
*Baby dolls
*She’s convinced there’s a “cute mouse” living under her bed
*Running FAST. Sliding. Swimming.
*Playing cowgirl while wearing her cowgirl hat, cowgirl boots, and riding her plastic horse.
*Watching Sesame Street.
*Playing matching games. She’s addicted & fast!
*Adores Snow White. She calls her “white” for short. ;)
*Doing anything and everything OUTSIDE. She doesn’t mind the winter or the cold. She LOVES to go for hikes, walks….or just play in the yard no matter the temperature. She really loves nature and animals.
*She loves her Ruby dog and Mowie cat. They play tea parties with her, dress up, chases them around the house…and they never say a word…they adore her. ;)
*She loves the Zoo and the Childrens Museum
*She refers to her Grandma’s as “kathy” and “pam”
*She can say everyone’s name that she knows in her family…Her favorites to say are “Tony” and “Tobie”

She is such a great little gal and we can’t wait to watch her grow in the next weeks, months, year. She is almost 2, almost a complete toddler…yet still of course our baby. Mommy’s sweetheart & Papas little on girl. ;)

We love you Hazel Wren!
Mommy & Papa

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Hazel Wren 20 months!

Our sweet little Hazel Wren is 20 months old today. Here’s a few fun facts about the little gal.

*Loves to pick out her own clothes and try to dress herself. She is able to put on her own socks and pants.
*Loves to play with her baby dolls. Cook in her little kitchen and play tea party. Loves puzzles, legos, trains, and playing dress up.
*Is over the moon for the movie Annie. She can now say Annie too. So adorable! This was my favorite movie around the age of 3 so I have no problem watching it over and over with her. Guess who Hazel is going to be for Halloween this year…….ANNIE of course.
*She has a huge heart for animals. She is best pals with our dog Ruby and loves to chase her around outside and plays fetch with her. She adores our cat Jack and she loves when you ask her to feed him. She goes into the cupboard and sets out his food. She is also very fond of birds and loves to chase squirrels!
*She is no longer in her highchair and she likes to sit in her booster seat at the dining room table with us. You can tell she feels like a big girl and we try to have dinner each night around 6:00 and all sit together and eat with no tv on. She carrys on a conversation the entire time and loves to be asked what she did today by her Pa.
*She loves to help do anything you are doing. She will come to you and point to herself and say “help”.
*She loves to clean. Sweep. Vacuum. Dust.
*She adores other kids and enjoys her playdates with her friends, time at the MN Zoo, Childrens Museum, and story hour at the library.
*She follows directions very well. Smart as a whip this little one is already! ;) She loves to help you do laundry, go get a book, go get a certain toy…..
*She can suddenly say so many words it’s crazy! Here’s just a few:
-Mommy. Ma. Mama. Pa. Papa. Ruby. Chi-Chi (the cat’s nickname). Kitty. Puppy. Night. Bye. Hi. Outside. Play. Egg. Juice. Milk. Cheese. Ball. Book. Baby. NO. Yes. Shoes. Please. Apple. Eyes. Toes. Hot. Toast. Toy. Dolly. Train. Tractor. Annie. Snack. Stuck. Ready. And sooo many more!

She’s such a little dolly and we adore her. She of course gets more fun and more sweet by the minute. Tonight she helped us fill little goodie bags for the neighborhood kids for Halloween. She ooh’d and ahh’d at them and gently placed each item in the bags. When we would say…”The kids are gonna love these”…she would squeal with delight and say ” YUP!”. Adorable. We can’t wait for the upcoming Holiday season and have already taught her who Santa is, and she loves snowmen. What a fun age! We can’t wait to hopefully someday add a new little bambino to our little nest. Who wouldn’t want another one when they are this sweet and filled with love and wonder.

We love you Hazel Wren!!

Mommy & Pa

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Hazel Wren 19 months!!


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I got a moment to myself this evening after everyone big and small is asleep in their beds. I thought I better take the opportunity to quick blog about Hazel turning 17 months old next week! Here’s some new fun facts about our little birdie girl.

*Her hair gets blonder by the day. Must be all that sunshine and playing outside from 8am to 8pm.
*She now has a full size “big girl” bed & she adores it.
*She loves baby dolls. I think she is up to around 8 or 9 now that she is caring for like the perfect little Mommy. She rocks them. Sings to them. Feeds them. Puts them to bed….
*Loves to color/draw/paint.
*Adores any and all animals. Her favorite is little kitties but she also really likes puppies, birds, giraffes, and FISH. She is obsessed with fish. If I draw her a fish she goes crazy! She is a little mermaid I swear between her love of fish and her obsession with swimming!
*She loves to clean. She gets mad when there is a mess and loves to help Mommy clean and pick up toys.
*She adores alone time with her Poppa. We call him “little Pa” which she giggles at. She must understand that her Daddy is 6 ft. 3 inches tall. ;)
*She loves to eat: Watermelon. Roast Beef. Salmon. Cous Cous Rice. Ham. Green Beans. Blueberries. Strawberries. CHEESE. Eggs. Brocolli. My husband & I really want to teach her all about good healthy food and try not to give her any “junk”. We decided that our first priority is good food for Hazel Wren’s tummy! Althought the girl does get ALOT of vanilla ice cream! ;)
*She can say: Mom. Mama. Ma. Mommy. Pa. Poppy. Meow. Baby. Happy. Puppy. Hi. Bye. NO. Oh No. Oh Boy.
*She says “happy” over and over when she is having fun. How CUTE is that!!??
*She will tell you when her diaper needs to be changed and she loves to sit on her little potty chair.
*She loves to walk and holds hands.
*Loves books! Any and all books.
*Loves what I call “littles”. Any little toys she can gather up in her little purse or little cups and she pretends to be counting them.
*Adores SWIMMING at Colvil Pool.
*Loves her dog Ruby and her cat, Jack. She kisses them all day long.
*Loves stuffed animals. Places them ever so carefully where she belives they should sit in her room. talks to them. sings to them. Insists on bringing them all outside for lunch. Brings them on car rides. ;) She is just so much fun!
*She is absolutely now still a baby but absolutley also a toddler. She has a mind of her own and decides when she doesn’t want to ride in a stroller or be in a store shopping. She will absolutely let you know when she doesn’t like an activity. She likes to be a free bird at home in her own yard with her animals and toys playing and having fun. I have found the best thing to do is keep most days at home the same. She can then predict what is next and that makes her confident and happy. Wake up. Eat breakfast. Play. Play. Play. Nap. Play. Play Play. Pa comes home. Play. Eat dinner. Tubby time. Night Night. ;)

Her personality has really BLOSSOMED within the last couple months. She is a little gal now who is just the biggest sweetheart. She absolutley has a mind-of-her-own now which we love. She is eager to learn at every moment of the day! We love her to pieces and it’s so true that little girls are “sugar and spice and everything nice”. I hope she keeps her childhood spirit, sweetness, thrist for learning, and imagination as long as possible in this crazy world and I vow to help her do that. Ok, Mommy’s off to organize the little doll house now while the little bird sleeps. ;)

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It’s June! Our house is filled with sand, fresh fruit, and FLOWERS each week! Love it! Miss Hazel Wren is now a little over 15 months old. Here are some new fun facts about the little gal. ;)

*Loves to be outside! She crys when she has to come in at night.
*Loves her sandbox. She will sit in there for over 20 minutes at a time just digging and playing away.
*Waves at EVERYONE and says Hi. To everyone. Everyone that drives by our house, everyone at Walmart, everyone we see EVERYWHERE. I told her it’s good to be friendly.
*Loves her playhouse and goes in there and washes her dishes from her sandbox in her little sink.
*Adores baby dolls. Rocks them. Sings to them. Kisses them. Pushes them in buggies.
*LOVES animals. Mostly kitties and puppies. She can say Puppy and Kitty. And she loves to Meow!
*Her newest animal obsession is fish! We have to look at them for at least ten minutes or longer each time we go to Walmart. We are going to get a goldfish later this week. She also had to get a swimsuit with fishies on it.
*She Loves loves loves water! She has been to the beach and is definately not scared to jump right in. She is crazy for her little swimming pool and also loves me to run through the sprinkler with her. She screams and claps. Happy girl!
*She can say: Hi. Bye. Ma. Mom. Mommy. Pa. Papa. Puppy. Kitty. No. Yes. See.
*She knows sign language for: Milk. All done. More. Thank you. Change diaper. Night night. It’s so great to be able to communicate with her even thought she can’t talk much yet. She gets less frustrated about things when she can let you know what she needs/wants.
*She is now 34″ tall and weights 23.5 pounds.
*She loves to eat: apples, salmon, tilapia, ham, chicken, strawberries, avocado, rice, yogurt, mushrooms, Ice cold green beans are her favorite snack!
*She loves bugs. She loves to look for bugs. Touch bugs. Talk/babble to bugs.
*Is crazy for birds. Who’d have thought? ;) I let her dig in the birdseed bag and put the food herself into the birdfeeders. It makes a hug mess but the proud smile on that little face is worth every minute of every mess.
*She now runs along or behind Ruby when we take her for walks up on Memorial. She chases butterflies and Ruby is right by her side the entire time. Adorable.
*She has a little potty chair now in the bathroom and she loves to go in there and sit on it for minutes at a time. So funny!
*She has quite the little personality and is a very happy and lovable little gal. We adore her to pieces.

Wedding season has begun and I’m loving it! Hazel does so good at home with me while I am creating flowers. She ooh’s and ahh’s at them and is so gentle if she touches them. This week we are taking a mini-vacation with my husband Ryan, me, and Hazel and the rest of my family to Wisconsin Dells and all staying at the Chula Vista resort for my cousin’s wedding. We leave Friday morning and are coming back Sunday night. We plan on being in the waterpark with little Hazel all weekend, attending the wedding, and just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful summer weather with family! Happy June! ;)

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so many ideas!

I love spring. Once it gets nice out around our house the t.v. is almost permanently OFF except for the morning news, Sesame Street, and a few programs my hubby and I watch late at night together when all is quiet. We are movers and shakers once the weather hits at least 50 degrees and the sun is shining! I have been on pinterest a ton lately making lists of things we need to do for spring/summer. Crafts for Hazel, recipes to try, home projects/crafts, flowers for new brides, etc. etc. I can’t stop HOARDING ideas! And I’m someone who….once an idea is in my head I can’t stop thinking about it until it’s done and did. ;) In the past 2 weeks Hazel and I have been on a pinterest/idea whirlwind. We have:

*made homemade baby crackers
*made homemade baby frozen yogurt
*bought and froze fresh fruit that was on sale for super cheap
*made freezer meals
*made homemade laundry soap…and we LOVE IT!
*made Hazel’s grocery/recipe list for finger food. She only likes to feed herself now. Big girl. ;)
*turned “free” items we found online into adorable decor for my studio
*painted her playhouse
*purchased second-hand pretty much every outdoor toy a toddler could want…still tryint to find just the “right” sandbox. Might have to make one…with a cover of course. Want one that fits lots of kids for playdates and future bambinos!
*Turned the porch into a summer area for us and Hazel.
*”upcycled” tin cans into vases
*”upcylced” glass jars into frames
*have hit every garage sale in town and let me tell you little Hazel LOVES it.
*made homemade finger paint.
*finished all our flower/decor designs for all our booked 2012 weddings.

There’s probably more that I can’t think of but it’s been so fun to have all these “free” ideas via pinterest. Gone are the days of buying expenisve magazines only to find one good idea. I do miss the tearing of the pages but I guess I can let that go. Can’t wait for the weather to keep getting nicer so we can continue with our ideas/projects for our yard, hit the zoo, hit the biketrail with our new bikes and bike trailer for Hazel…and start to once again enjoy the smell of fresh flowers in the house from all our weddings! Happy Thursday. Gotta run…my entire house is snoozing…Mommy better get going on her “idea” list. ;)

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growing little birdie…..

Hazel Wren will be 14 months old in a little over a week. Here is an update on the little gal. ;)

*Has been walking since 10.5 months. Now is RUNNING!
*CURIOUS. Wants to touch and explore everything.
*Says: Mom, Ma, Mama, Daddy, Pa (we call Ryan Poppa most of the time, Chi Chi (that’s our cat Jack’s nickname), Hi, Bye, Up, ….and she loves to Meow like a cat. ;)
*Knows sign language for: More, Milk, Thank you, Night Night, Potty, Change diaper
*When you ask where her tummy, toes, eyes, nose, head, or hair is…she points to them. Our favorite is when she pats her tummy.
*She combs her hair when you give her a comb and ask her to “comb her hair”
*She goes to get pretty much any object you ask her to go get. Smart girl! She knows to go get a book, a dolly, a puzzle, a towel, the cat. ;)
*She adores water which means she loves tubby time, her new outside water table, and playing in the dogs water dish.
*She will feed the cat his food if you ask her too. Adorable.
*She loves to be with Mommy out on the town grocery shopping, hitting thrift stores and garage sales….she loves meeting people and we turn it into a learning experience when we are out. Point to everything and tell her what it is and always she has to “talk” with the cashiers and tell them BYE and thank you! ;)
*She adores animals. If she sees a puppy or a cat she goes crazy waving and saying “hi” to them. We are going to get a year pass to the MN zoo and hit the zoo at least once or twice a month as a family. Great to teach her to love nature and animals!
*She loves all food and I cook all her meals and she loves to try new things! She loves to be in the kitchen cooking with Mommy. Her favorites are: Salmon, Tilapia, Chicken, Peas, Broccoli, Pears, Strawberries, CHEESE!

She is turning into quite the smart little gal and my husband and I credit alot of it to her good genes, her independent streak she got from her Mommy, her happy/funny bone she got from her Daddy, and the fact that she has so much one-on-one time with her Mom all day. And she learns alot from all her little playdate friends! ;)

We love you little Miss Hazel Wren! This is going to be the best summer ever. xoxoxo MOM

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I HEART pinterest! I used to be a magazine junkie. No need for those anymore. No more tearing sheets and pinning them to my office wall. :) Here is what I have accomplished so far thanks to all the amazing ideas I have “pinned”. Click on the pictures for details!! Enjoy. ;)

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Hazel Wren is ONE!

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Holiday fun & little Miss Hazel Wren…

Hazel Wren is 10 months old today!! She is a bundle of love and laughter and has really changed so much in the last couple of months. This girl has personality! She might look mostly like her Poppa Bear but she is definatley her Mother’s Daughter. ;) Here’s a few new facts about the little gal.

*19 pounds. 29″ tall.
*Her hair keeps getting longer in the front it’s almost to her nose. so cute. ;) But of course she despises barettes or headbands.
*Walking along furniture. Loves to walk with her Vtech walker toy around the house…giggling the entire time.
*She waves Hi and bye. Her favorite is waving Hi. She does it all day long at everything. Me, Daddy, the animals, and her favorite….Ellen at 4pm. ;)
*She just starting pointing at objects. She likes to point and then you tell her what the object is.
*She loves any kind of finger food.
*Hugs and kisses. Mostly just Mommy and Daddy. And her idea of a kiss of course is wide open mouth, tongue sticking out all while laughing. ;)
*Has 4 teeth! Pretty sure she’s got more coming too. Extra clingy to Mommy.
*Loves playdates with her friends.

She is just such a little person now and we absolutely adore her. Happy 1st Christmas tomorrow sweet baby!! ;)

Love, Momma

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